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Shadow Plays

Virtual Realities in an Analog World


The following archival versions of Shadow Plays represent descriptive, remediated, and/or restructured publication content. When browser and server technologies advance beyond the ability to support the original publication code, these resources provide alternative ways of engaging with the publication.


The web archive presents a high-fidelity, interactive experience much like the experience of reading the live web publication. The original source code is not visible in the web archive version, so users wanting to inspect the source via a browser's web developer tools should be aware that they are viewing a remediated content package instead of the original web structure and content and application code.


The Stanford Digital Repository collection (see full contents list with links to individual assets) contains the project's public_html folder, a single compressed file including the project's textual content, media, and custom code. Also included in the collection are the project's documentation, screencast, and web archive. In raw form, the code files in this collection are not interactive and are rarely human-readable. Please consult the documentation for setup instructions and a description of the original interactive user experience.


The documentation serves as a descriptive account of the original publication's user experience, technical requirements, structure, and sources. It includes a screencast by the author highlighting the project's look, feel, and functionality in the event the live project and its high-fidelity preservation copies are no longer accessible.

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